Not just for women….

The idea of inferiority of women is global and manifests itself in many cultural configurations. Gender equality and women/girls empowerment is at the foundation of development, not just for women/girls growth and development, but also for balanced lifestyles, communities and countries socioeconomic, and political advancement. Women/girls have the same abilities as do men but sometimes … More Not just for women….

Egypt and beyond….

Globalization can also be understood in the context as a multi dimensional phenomenon, including interactional processes such as computer technology and the expansion into cyberspace. I think Cha (2013), hit a point when he said, “Globalization processes are not just about linkages, but about interpenetration”. Globalization is a multi-faceted concept and with integration or exchange … More Egypt and beyond….

“What in the World”

Neoliberal globalization asserted itself into the world after the Cold War ended in 1991, and took dominance over more conservative political and socioeconomic practices worldwide. Its ideologies were gradually assimilated to reform political and socioeconomic practices due to the inequities mounting and multifaceted challenges and tensions in global capitalism, and manifested disarray worldwide. Neoliberalism (a … More “What in the World”

Aren’t Two Heads Better Than One

Globalization provides exchange of ideas, products and culture both internal and external to a nations; it also generates conditions that are conductive to the development of extremist movements, instability and conflict. Many countries have acquiesced to sporadic growth, apathy, inequity and turmoil. This is not unknown to Egyptians, as Egypt struggles with irregular growth, rising … More Aren’t Two Heads Better Than One

Clash of Titans

  Circumstances and situations that have influenced Egyptian globalization are influenced by both religious beliefs and political strategies and impositions. Egyptian economic and cultural transitions have sustained a great deal of conflict throughout history dealing with primordial gods, individuals of noble importance, and political power. Jihad vs. McWorld (Barber, 1992), are two ideologies that diametrically … More Clash of Titans