It’s all coming together…….

These are all sensitive times in our history, as the evolution of globalization materializes its continual changing phenomenon’s that incorporate integration, interchange, ideas, and culture globally. Globalization takes on different manifestations in distinctive eras, witnessing dramatic local and international events. While some would restrict globalization to political and economic effects, and even more specifically to liberalization, … More It’s all coming together…….

The Right to be Human…..

“Bread Freedom, Social Justice” is an Egyptian Motto…… Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, and include equal rights and obligations, indeterminate of nationality, dwelling, sex, nationality, color, religion, language, etc. “We are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. These rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible” (United Nations, 2015). … More The Right to be Human…..

It’s not just a lot of HOT air….

Environmental health is not just another phenomenon in the realm of globalization; it conversely shares worldwide aspect of physical, chemical, and biological ecosystem problems. Environmental health in Egypt is widespread and is affected not only from environmental factors, but also from population growth, and assimilated and acquired effects from outside environments that accumulate, adding to … More It’s not just a lot of HOT air….

Egyptian Migation

Migration and emigration are duel phenomenon that occur in all global societies and play a significant role in Egyptian history and evolution. Ancient Egypt people had migrated together and formed organized societies, where the pharaoh had united the peoples of the Nile, with those living up and downstream into a single empire. During Egypt’s prosperity, … More Egyptian Migation