Pipeline to life….water

Ju, sèvis sanitè, militè [Water, sanitation, military] Threats to Haitian’s development involve a series of historical and geographical challenges, many of which are not the fault of Haiti’s leadership or its people, or centuries of dependent allied relationships. However, blaming all of Haiti’s problems on history, geography, relationship’s with nations, and national mismanagement would not be the … More Pipeline to life….water

School of Thought

Haiti’s formal education “Année Fondamental” is based on a primary, secondary and higher education programs with a vocational curriculum added, and are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education “Ministére de lÉducation.” Eighty percent of the population lives under the poverty line, literacy is reported as 52.9%, and on average Haitian’s receives 4.9 years … More School of Thought

“helP is hopE” non-governmental organizations

Haiti is currently being aided by approximately 10,000 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), in support of its socio-economic recovery and infrastructure change. They are the largest recipient of NGOs in the world, with no other country higher in the world. The 2010 earthquake further devastated Haiti’s already impoverished and debilitated country. The largest amount of NGOs global relief … More “helP is hopE” non-governmental organizations

“Poto Mitan” [pillars of society]

Gender inequality in Haiti is as much a living atrocity as it other parts of the world. Women are devalued and oppressed in spite of their human rights, contributions, inherent nurturing, strengths, knowledge,and  unifying the household and the world. This phenomenon is escalated in impoverished countries where the political and socioeconomic infrastructure are weak in legislation, … More “Poto Mitan” [pillars of society]

Vive la différence

Haiti history in tourism had been one of an exotic culture, exquisite cuisine, distinctive and colorful art, handcrafts, castles and resorts, and an attractive destination. Its eclectic and cultural development has brought both positive and negative attributes to Haiti’s socioeconomic infrastructure. Vive la différence, Haiti’s tourism slogan meaning “live long the difference” (Dictonary.com, 2016), is … More Vive la différence

In too deep…[modernization & dependency theories]

Haiti no doubt has been negatively affected by modernization and dependency theories and process. The dependency phenomenon does not occur overnight, is multifaceted, evolving, and is reflected by Haiti history from colonialism, dictatorship, and corruption. One major focal point in Haiti was during the Duvalier regime, a shift was made from agriculture to textiles, which … More In too deep…[modernization & dependency theories]

How Terrorism Promotes Integration Between Haiti & the Dominican Republic

Though they share a border and inhabit the same Caribbean island, neighboring countries Haiti and the Dominican Republic have historically had a strained relationship. Ironically, something as horrific and divisive as terrorism could actually help promote political and economic integration between the two nations. Relations between Haiti and the Dominican Republic have not been easy. … More How Terrorism Promotes Integration Between Haiti & the Dominican Republic

Ayiti/Hayti “Land of Mountains”

Haiti modified from it original name Ayiti, symbolizing their transition from slavery and independence from France in 1804. Haiti is a nation rich in culture, development, resources and natural beauty, but plagued in historic crossroads, and struggling to rise above a dismal economic past. Haiti remains trapped in the context of a fragile paradigm from … More Ayiti/Hayti “Land of Mountains”

It’s all coming together…….

These are all sensitive times in our history, as the evolution of globalization materializes its continual changing phenomenon’s that incorporate integration, interchange, ideas, and culture globally. Globalization takes on different manifestations in distinctive eras, witnessing dramatic local and international events. While some would restrict globalization to political and economic effects, and even more specifically to liberalization, … More It’s all coming together…….